Ringan bag series have the same characteristics as paanibags such as "simple, light, sturdy, foldable, colorful, and cute!"  Also, ringan, made of artificial leather, is soft and smooth.

"Ringan" means "light" in Indonesian.  It is indeed a simple bag with minimum stitches and no metal parts.  No worry even if it gets wet; it doesn't shrink or get stiff, or lose color, or get mouldy.

It comes with a pouch in which you can fold & put the bag and carry around.

​Good as an everyday bag, an eco bag, and as a gift as well !!

◉ringan bags 

Ringan bags have a beautifully rounded shape.  

The frills on the strap open a little when you put the bag on your shoulder, adding a feminine touch to your style.

The ringan bags come in 6 colors .

◉ringan fringe bags 

Fringes on the strap, square-shaped, ringan fringe bags fit A4 size papers, iPad, etc.

There are strings attached inside the bag which you can tie and close the bag.  

The strap is a little long so that you can wear the bag across your body.

The ringan fringe bags come in three colors.