Bright-colored, frilled, sweet pouches. The gold-colored zipper looks classy ! 

They are made of tulle fabrics, and of the same fabrics as paanibags.

There are four different designs. 

​*pua pouch

pua("flower" in Hawaiian)pouch is made in the image of a blooming flower.

​*laulau pouch

laulau ( "wrapping" in Hawaiian ) pouch is charming for its three-dimensional shape and its see-through fabric. good as a cosmetic bag or a wallet!

*huli pouch

huli ( "turn" in Hawaiian ) pouch is full of frills and sooo cute! 

*kopa pouch 

kōpa’a ( "sugar" in Hawaiian ) pouch has frills on both ends like a candy wrapper!

you can use it as a pencase, or put in cosmetics like mascara, eyebrow pencils, etc.