​◉drawstring bag

​Drawstring bags are sold with paanibags in pairs,  but they can also be purchased individually.

The fabrics used stretch sidewise so you can put in folded T-shirts, a long wallet, etc.  They are handy for carrying small things when you go for a walk, putting clothes in order in closets and suitcases.

Suitable for putting small gifts as well! 

※ A drawstring bag of regular size is sold in a set with a regular paanibag and long paanibag.  A drawstring bag of small size is sold in a set with a small paanibag.

cute with a paanibag in pairs!

choose different sizes for putting clothes and small things in order in suitcases, wardrobes, etc.!

hang on the wall as a cute interior design !

three sizes available

small / regular / big

small size

regular size

big size