◉paani bag

​so light it floats in the air !
​it can carry heavy stuff like this !(*)
soft on your shoulder! 

(*)spiky things can make a hole in the bag.

it can be folded and put in a drawstring bag (sold with a paani bag as a set) ; very compact to be carried around.
it can be turned inside out, so that you can enjoy two different sets of colors!
a knot can be tied wherever you like.

​3 sizes available

small / regular /  long 

small size

carry like a messenger bag! 3-year-old girl, 100cm ​tall.

as a purse bag on short errands.

good as a lunch bag as well !

3-year-old and first grade girls are carrying small paanis.

their mother is carrying a long paani.

red one tied to the buggy is a regular paani.

regular size

long size

✴︎ tips on how to tie a knot

1              2           3           4

1 spread the ribbons so colors don't mix.

2 cross the right ribbon over the left and tie.

3 cross the left ribbon over the right and tie.

4 tie the ribbons tightly where you want to.