​let's play with colors!

paani bags 

drawstring bags 


bunting flags
about fabrics

​19 colors in all !

​The fabric stretches sidewise.


Bags and pouches are 100% made of washable nylon.

They don't lose their colors by washing, but it is not guaranteed according to detergents. We recommend you wash separately from other items.

Do not put in dryer. Dry in shade. They are easy to dry.

Cool iron. Use press cloth,dry. Hot iron can cause melting the fabric.


The fabric used for paani is thin but strong. 

Paani bag is good for shopping as an eco bag!

​Even if you get a hole in paani bag, it doesn't fray easily.  You can keep on using the bag if you don't put heavy things in it. Also, by turning the bag inside out, holes won't stand out. 

​The fabric has a hole hooked by a sharp end.
​Even if the fabric is stretched sidewise or lengthwise,
it does not easily become frayed.

Please be careful with rough surface

The rough surface can twitch the fabrics easily, though you can fix it in most cases (please see below↓).

Spiky things may make holes in paani bags. If you get a hole in your paani bag, please be careful not to enlarge it by pulling on the hole, putting heavy stuffs, etc.

The fabrics are easy to get wrinkled, but  you can easily fix it !

a velcro is attached to the fabric. 
When the velcro is removed, the fabric get wrinkled.
Your hangnails can cause
similar damages, so please be careful!​
To fix the damaged part, please rub the part with your fingers sidewise.
​You can hardly see the wrinkles!

Light and soft fabrics used for our products are manufactured in Tohoku-area, Japan, and then sent to factories in Yamanashi prefecture, where craftspersons cut and sew the fabrics carefully to make bags and pouches one by one.  Final check, packaging, and designing are done by Lagimusim.

Our products are made entirely in Japan and are often selected for souvenir to overseas!