​"This moment is life - enjoy it !"


Our slogan “More cheerful-Living is Life” explains our various creations.

 “Lagimusim” meaning “The season is here” in Indonesian language, is how we can interpret our brand name. Our brand logo, which is a tail of the ‘tanuki’ – the raccoon dog, symbolizes its happy-go-lucky image.

As makers, our slogan “This moment is life – enjoy it!” also indicates our various approaches towards our business partners, customers and all other stakeholders around - making this an uber fun experience for them all.


We, Larry Takatori and Nanoka Kimura had started these activities together in 2010, and are now settled in the interior of countryside as a married couple and have been creating products in a rich natural environment. The products are sold directly at Lagimusim’s web shop and pop-up shops during events, cute goods stores and museum shops throughout Japan. We handcraft local souvenirs, too.

​Nanoka Kimura



​Takatori Larry